VMworld 2013 Schedule 2

I am fortunate enough to be headed to my 3rd consecutive VMworld conference.  I highly recommend attending this conference if at all possible.

It is not your typical IT / marketing type conference.  There are many breakout sessions, panel discussions, one-on-one opportunities to talk with experts, and so much more!  I have always walked away from this conference feeling re-energized and excited about all things VMware.  The social networking opportunities offered at the conference have only helped me grow in my career.  In my opinion, VMworld is the best technical conference I have ever been to.

While I hope that everyone who is interested in this conference can attend, I realize that not everyone will have the opportunity to be there in person.  As such, I will be covering the conference via my blog and Twitter feed (@PcProfessionals) to share first hand experiences and knowledge gained from my trip with the rest of the community.

Below you will find my VMworld conference agenda (all times are in Pacific Time).  If you are headed out to the conference and would like to get together to discuss anything related to technology, please get in contact with me!

This calendar view pulls live from my Google Calendar dedicated to VMworld.  It will update automatically as things change.

I have picked these sessions based upon my interest levels, and recommendations given to me by colleagues and fellow attendees.

I hope to see you there!