VMworld Day 2 Recap (Monday) 0

A little late getting this one out there, but I put in some very long hours last night, including a very generous vendor dinner sponsored by Datalink.

I started my day off by attending the General Session, where there were many new product announcements, etc., as expected.  For a link to recaps of this event, please see this post.

After the general session, I headed over to VSVC4944 PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive, featuring Alan Reinouf and Luc Dekkens — both of whom are “rockstars” when it comes to PowerCLI within the community.  The session was VERY informative.  There were a lot of good tidbits of information on how to structure your scripts, optimize them for efficiency, and extend them for future re-use.  The guys were also generous enough to share some information about an upcoming fling called webCommander, which allows for end users to kick off PowerShell / PowerCLI scripts without the need to have the console or tools installed on their machines.  This would be VERY useful in most environments!  The guys here impressed me so much that I decided to pick up another session featuring Alan on Thursday which covers what is new in the latest version of PowerCLI.

Next up for me was the VSVC5353 Mythbusting Goes Virtual breakout session.  I have attended this session in the past and always find it interesting the challenges that they put to the test.  Some of the myths put to the test include (CAUTION: spoiler alert!!!):

  • Do snapshots have an impact on performace?  (Not busted!)
  • Does a virtual distributed switch perform better than a virtual standard switch?  (surprisingly, BUSTED!)
  • Can you run an unlimited number of VMs on a VAAI enabled array?  (BUSTED!)
  • Does iSCSI perform better than NFS?  (BUSTED!)
  • Do reservations always increase performance (BUSTED!)
  • Are multiple vCPU VMs are always better than single vCPU VMs (BUSTED!)

It was a great and entertaining session as always!

After being herded into the lunch area for a break, I shot over to the breakout session VCM4555 vCenter Operations Management – Troubleshooting Best Practices.  This session provided a lot of good insight on how to relate events together and use historical information to help solve problems and quickly detect anomalies.  Unfortunately, I had to duck out a little early due to a scheduling conflict with the Datalink vendor dinner I was invited to.  I plan on catching the rest of the session after it has been posted online after VMworld.