VMworld Day 3 Recap (Tuesday) 0

I started my day off today by attending the General Session.  As always, it was nice to see how VMware technologies are applied to make a difference in the real world.  Some touching stories were told here, and it makes me feel honored to know that the IT industry as a whole can make life altering improvements for people all over the world.

At the conclusion of the general session, I headed over to breakout session VSVC4569 Ask the Expert vBloggers.  The panel was comprised of vExpert rock stars and the audience did a great job of asking technical questions.  Not surprisingly, most of the questions revolved around the newly announced VSAN and NSX technologies.  Some interesting tidbits from this session:

  • If you are at all concerned about VMFS heap size issues the simple solution is to run NFS!  😉
  • vSphere replication is supported with VSAN.  (Makes sense, as vSphere replication happens at an appliance level.  It really does not care about the underlying storage.)
  • Great advice from Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe):  Never be afraid to say, “I do not know!”
  • Do not get hung up on running jumbo frames.  The slight performance gain is not worth the risk.  Keep your design simple!
  • Advice from Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB):  If you want to be on this stage in the future, start answering questions in the VMTN communities now…

It was nice to have Scott Lowe present to answer the in-depth questions around NSX.  Likewise, William Lam (@lamw) and Duncan Epping did a great job with fielding all of the questions around VSAN.  I have always enjoyed the “free-for-all” ask the experts sessions I have attended at past VMworlds.  This one was no exception!

Next up for me was a casual stroll around the Solutions Exchange.  I had some very interesting conversations at the PernixData booth, and also had the pleasure of talking with Frank Denneman (@FrankDenneman).  Right before VMworld, I received my trial keys for the software.  I am VERY eager to get this going in my lab environment and eventually into production.  I have a few different workloads in mind for this setup already and I am chomping at the bit to get this in front of our upper management.  For those of you not familiar with PernixData or their FVP (flash virtualization platform), I *highly* recommend you visit their web site at http://www.pernixdata.com/ to learn more!

To finish off my day, I attending the breakout session STO4798 Software-Defined Storage: The VCDX Way.  This session focused on VMware’s new software defined storage roadmap and design considerations around software defined storage.  It was presented by two well-known VCDXs, Wade Holmes (@wholmes) and Rawlinson Rivera (@PunchingClouds).  The guys talked about how important policies are when it comes to anything that is software defined, and stressed the fact that you must define standard operations and procedures in order to be successful.  It was said that policies are what sets vendors apart.  Anyone can do flash…  One interesting fact that came out of this session is that the OpenStack Cinder project will have a VMDK driver coming out to support vSphere 5.5 in the very near future.  Nice to see that VMware is not locking its customers into a single vendor when it comes to the software-defined realm of things.