VMworld Day 4 Recap (Wednesday) 0

I started off my day today by attending the breakout session VCM4992 Tips and Tricks for Capacity Risk Assessment, Rightsizing and Planning.  I found this session particularly useful, as I have been tasked with fielding many questions from upper management lately that all have to deal with capacity planning for the future.  While this session started out a little slow for me (vCOPs overview), it did contain some very valuable information for me.  Especially the part where the presenters showed off some custom dashboards and previews of what is coming with the vCOPs product line.  I like how the engineering team behind vCOPs is actively listening to its customer base and striving to make things simpler and easier to understand with every release.  I give those guys a lot of credit, as not only is there is a TON of math and complexity working behind the scenes, but there is also the problem of trying to present that data in an easy to understand fashion for the masses.  After the session, I was able to talk directly with the main presenter (unfortunately his name escapes me), and get some of my questions around monitoring virtual machines running Java workloads answered.

In my workplace, I am always questioned over the validity of the stats that vCOPs outputs.  I hear things like, the stats engine cannot possibly capture the random workload of a Java environment’s memory use, etc.  Long story short, it can, it does, and it does so at a resolution of every 20 seconds!

After this session, I had to give in to the fact that I am human and listen to my body.  The past few days has just plain exhausted me.  I returned to my hotel for a nice and long nap, then headed back out for dinner with my colleague and eventually onward to the VMworld party at AT&T Park!  VMware did a great job with this event.  It was very streamlined for the number of attendees and was a great experience.  The music selection of Imagine Dragons and Train was excellent.  They put on a great show.  The fireworks at the end were also a great touch.  Kudos to the event planning folks at VMware!  Wondering what they will do next year?