VMworld Day 5 Recap (Thursday) 0

I woke up this morning feeling drained from the amazing VMworld Party last night, however, I felt motivated to not miss anything as today is the last day of the conference.  I pulled myself out of bed, loaded up on caffeine at Starbucks, and proceeded to the breakout session VSVC4830: vCenter Deep Dive.

This session was very valuable, as it shed some light on a lot of “under the hood” improvements made to vCenter with the 5.5 release.  The database back-end has been re-engineered to take advantage of database partitioning.  This allows for things like stats roll ups to take place by simply truncating a table instead of a very expensive search and delete operation.  Overall DB performance should be increased as a result of this major architectural change.

The web client in vSphere 5.5 now includes full Mac OS X client support, including the ability to control VM consoles.  This is a VERY welcome improvement for me!  I often wondered why this took so long, as the vast majority of VMware employees are carrying around Mac hardware.  It should also be noted that the legacy C# based Windows client is now officially deprecated and will no longer be supported in future releases.  My advise to administrators — get used to the web client now!

Other improvements with the 5.5 release include a completely re-written SSO service!  The SSO service has been a pain point for the vast majority of customers in the past, as the service was very buggy, did not include good logging practices, and had no way of administering it if your installation was unsuccessful.  All of this has been fixed!  The installation order of 5.5 has been modified so that the web client is installed before the SSO service, so you do have an administrative interface to fix it if something were to go wrong during installation.

Next up for me was the breakout session VSVC5931 PowerCLI What’s New? Administrating with the CLI Was Never Easier.  In this session Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf) presented many of the improvements that the upcoming version of PowerCLI has to offer.  While this was mostly a review for me, as I had attended a similar session earlier this week, the ending blew my socks off!  Alan gave us a sneak peek of a plugin to the vSphere web client that allows administrators to run PowerCLI scripts from anywhere via the client.  You can save scripts as reports and execute them with a few clicks on the objects you wish to report on.  This functionality is simply AMAZING!  I cannot wait for this to be released mainstream!  It really is a game-changer for daily vSphere administrators to take advantage of.

For me, VSVC5931 was my last session at VMworld.  I had a great week, met a lot of very knowledgeable people, and learned a wealth of information.  This conference was worth every dime, and it only gets better every year!  As always, I am left with eagerly awaiting the official GA release of the next version of vSphere and its corresponding products.  Bring on 5.5!!!