vCenter Converter Standalone 5.5 released 0

It looks like VMware released version 5.5 of their free vCenter Converter Standalone product.  This is an indispensible tool for anyone doing P2Vs, V2Vs, etc.

From the “What’s New” section of the release notes:

The VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.5 includes the following new functionality:

  • Support for virtual machine hardware version 10 (62TB disks, virtual SATA controllers, etc.)
  • Support for RedHat KVM virtual machines as a source
  • A new option for selecting the network adapter for the target virtual machine
  • Support for additional guest operating systems
  • Parallel disk conversions
  • Virtual SAN support

It is nice to see VMware continue to evolve this product.  The parallel disk conversions and the option to select the network adapter for the target virtual machine are very welcome additions.  These features will not only speed up P2Vs, but also will save you some time with post-VM configuration (e1000 to VMXNET3).  Keep up the great work!

You can find the product page with download links here: