Benefits of VMware certification 0

While attending VMworld this past year, I recorded a video that talks about the many benefits of VMware certification.  The main message I would like viewers to walk away with is that you always need to believe in yourself.  Be your own coach.  Give yourself that kick in the behind you might need to continue chasing your career dreams.  I know too many IT professionals that sell themselves short or do not follow through on validating their skill set via a certification program.  The reason for this is hard to nail down.  I have heard some admit that they afraid of failure, do not see the benefits of certifying, etc.  No matter what the reason, I strongly encourage those individuals to take a hard look at themselves and their careers and set goals.  Do not be afraid to dream big!

I also find that IT professionals are sometimes timid about having to prove their skills.  Set all egos aside and put yourself to the test.  Achieving any type of certification is a huge confidence booster.  Truly earned confidence in yourself is key to a successful career in any industry.  Additionally, you cannot be afraid of failure.  If you fail a certification exam it does not mean that you are not worthy or are inadequate, it means that you have just identified an area in your skill set that you can focus on to improve yourself and become an even better individual.  Learn from mistakes in life and you will prosper.

You can also view my video on the official VMware certification videos web site here:

The certification process requires determination, confidence, and a solid support system.  Your support can come from your employer, your family, or any other source that believes in you.  For me, my employers have always been supportive of my certification attempts.  There is real value add to a business when their employees gain new skills and validate that they have mastered them.  Along with my employers, my family has always been very supportive of me and has encouraged me to chase down my career goals.  Balancing a family, work, and still finding time to study is not an easy feat.  I would like to send a big thank you out to all of the people that have shown me their support and given me the opportunities that have been presented to me thus far.  I look forward to what the future may bring!

Update 12/06/2013:  VMware is using my video to help spread the word regarding the many benefits of certification and how to prepare yourself for the process.  You can view their message here: