Opsview CLI tool (API wrapper) 6

Recently, I was tasked with automating various tasks within Opsview (for those of you not familiar with Opsview, it is a Nagios-based enterprise-class monitoring system).  Unfortunately, I found the web interface was not well suited for the tasks at hand, and the current CLI tools that ship with Opsview are very obscure and difficult to modify.  As such, I decided to quickly write my own CLI tool around the well-built Opsview REST API.

I have posted the resulting code on GitHub.  It can be found here:  https://github.com/tjpatter/OpsviewCLI

Feel free to use or modify this tool to fit your needs.  Currently implemented functions include:

  • host-status
  • viewport-status
  • hostgroup-status
  • disable-host-alerts
  • enable-host-alerts
  • disable-hostgroup-alerts
  • enable-hostgroup-alerts
  • clone-host
  • create-host
  • delete-host
  • ack-host
  • ack-service
  • get-host-id

If you have any additional feature requests, please feel free to reach out to me.  I make no promises, but will try to accommodate!