New book: Learning PowerCLI by Robert van den Nieuwendijk 0

I just wanted to take the time and make mention of a new book that was officially released today.  It is called Learning PowerCLI by Robert van den Nieuwendijk and is published via Packt Publishing.

I had the privilege of acting as a technical reviewer for Robert’s book.  This is his first book and he has done an excellent job!  Robert covers the installation of the PowerCLI environment, an introduction to all of the PowerCLI cmdlets, and even contains examples about how to call functions directly from the vSphere API to accomplish tasks that are not possible with the standard cmdlet set.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to dive into using PowerCLI for their daily administrative and reporting tasks within a vSphere environment.

Acting as a technical reviewer was a fun and rewarding process, and I was actually privileged enough to meet Robert at the VMworld 2013 conference in San Francisco.

You can read more about the release of the book here:

If you are not already following Robert van den Nieuwendijk on Twitter you should!  His handle is @rvdnieuwendijk.  Robert releases a daily online “newspaper” that covers the latest news around cloud computing and virtualization.  Links are provided from his Twitter feed.