Achievement unlocked: vExpert 2014 0

On April 1st (no joke!) VMware announced the 2014 class of vExperts.  I am deeply honored to have made the list this year!  While this is a great personal honor, I can honestly say that this is not about me…

There are 754 vExperts this year — a very impressive number.  What this shows is just how strong the VMware community has become.  Each year there are more and more individuals contributing their in-depth knowledge of VMware products and partner solutions.  The VMware ecosystem is thriving.  It was an attraction point to me early in my career, and I am just grateful that I am able help contribute to the success of others.

You can find the full vExpert list here:

I *highly* recommend that you follow the vExperts on Twitter.  A lot of times you can pick up very useful tidbits there that do not always get turned into full on blog postings.  My handle is @PcProfessionals.  Maish Saidel-Keesing was also generous enough to compile all of the vExperts into a single Twitter list found here:

A big thank you also goes out to all of the vendors that help make the vExpert community truly amazing.  Beta testing, evaluation licenses, training, and other donations by vendors to the vExpert community truly empower us to create rich content to contribute back to our followers.

I will strive to continue my contributions of knowledge and any tips-and-tricks that I come across.  Admittedly, I am a running a little behind on my blogging responsibilities, but for good reason!  I have been putting in extra time and polishing up my VCDX application!  I have a list of topics that will get turned into informative blog posts very soon, so stay tuned!