Achievement unlocked: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 0

I am very pleased to have received my certificate designating me as an Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect at the Professional level!  I passed the exam during its beta phase and let me tell you — it was VERY difficult!  I am not sure if the difficulty was raised due to the fact that it was a beta exam and they were still working out the kinks or if I was not as prepared as I should have been.

I passed the exam with an overall score of 87%.  Without going into too many specifics (under NDA), the exam was very long — approximately 180 questions, and every question filled the entire monitor.  With only 3 hours to complete the exam time is your enemy!  Make sure you are mentally prepared and know your stuff.  You do have the option to go back and review questions at the end, however, in my case I needed every single minute just to make it through to completion.  At the end you will want to rip your eyeballs out from all of the reading!

By passing the beta exam, I have now received the official certification.  The certification is good for 2 years.  I am curious as to how the “official” exam will be set up as far as formatting, # of questions, etc.

Now that it is all over, I feel refreshed and am glad that I took part in the beta program.  Now, to turn my focus back towards VCDX!  Hopefully I can complete it before AWS releases the expert track for the solutions architect 😉