EVALExperience License Breakdown — What do you really get? 4

02/03/2015 — Update (see below)

I am very happy to see VMware and the VMUG community working together to bring us the EVALExperience program!  It brings back fond memories of the former VMTN subscriptions that VMware used to offer its technical community of followers.  I wanted to learn what you really get with this new offering.  What are the details of the licenses offered?

More information on the EVALExperience program can be found here:  http://www.vmug.com/p/cm/ld/fid=8792

So what exactly is included with the EVALExperience program?  The list of products offered sure looks enticing:

After going through the “purchasing” process (the prices are all set to free), I was able to gain access to a place to download each product I had selected and was presented with my license keys.  The mere fact that I am able to download the products here is VERY nice to see!  I am hoping that the vExpert program can gain access to a system like this for their product disbursement.

I decided to pick out four of my newly acquired keys and pop them into the vCenter licensing dialog box to see what their entitlements are.  This is where I started to get disappointed…


“Hmm…”, I thought.  These licenses are great and all, but they won’t even cover my (relatively small) home lab deployment.  I have 4 CPUs that I would like to license.  I wondered to myself if I simply had to add more to the quantity field while “shopping” via the online portal.  Guess not!



Please do not get me wrong…  I am very grateful for this new program offering.  I personally feel though that the licensing limitations may be a little too stringent.  I’m not asking for an outrageous number to be included, however, somewhere between 4 – 8 CPUs for ESXi Enterprise Plus does not seem that unreasonable when we are talking about IT professionals who are simply looking to run these great products in their home labs to further their education.

(Note:  I realize that I can combine the vSphere with Operations Management license with the vCloud Suite license to get to 4 CPUs, however this feels rather hack-ish and in my opinion is not a true solution to the problem.)

I am sorry to say, but with strict limits we are truly getting a simple “Evaluation Experience”, and not a robust VMTN-like subscription.

I did not check out every single product key before posting this article.  For instance, I did not look at the limits around Log Insight or the Horizon offerings.  I am curious as to your mileage with them.  Feel free to leave comments here with what you find!

02/03/2015 — Update:

It now appears that the EVALExperience license key situation has been resolved!  Great work to all involved!

From: http://vmug.com/evalexperience

EVALExperience now fully supports 3 hosts!

NEW! EVALExperience product license keys supporting 3 hosts are available now! Log into your EVALExperience account within the VMUG Advantage storefront and download updated license keys.

For those of you who have already downloaded vSOM and vROI licenses, those initial keys have been replaced with the revised set of keys.

With this latest set of updates, EVALExperience really is something wonderful and makes a VMUG membership well worth its money.  Happy evaluating!

Note:  I will update this post soon to reflect the new license count numbers.

01/16/2015 — Update:

I received this Tweet in response to this post from Brian Kirsch (who just happens to be on the VMUG Board of Directors!)


I remain hopeful for a great program offering!  Another example of the power of our community.